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Looking out for an extended business arm in a geography which harmonizes with you to accelerate innovation and growth? India is one of the lucid offshoring destinations for the world. It is no longer looked as just a cost-effective offshoring option but a massive talent pool of highly skilled resources be it data analysts, programmers, engineers or business architects. The liberal IT policies, low operational cost and tech availability makes it a desirable hub for offshoring. Offshore development centre (ODC) model is transitioning as the new neural centre of a thriving business. This model gets you the access to the experts of the industry, building your dedicated team, controlling the quality and SOPs and driving 100% success.

We collaborate with you on various business aspects in world’s top-most offshoring destination (India) for infrastructure, legal and compliance, business functions, payroll and accounting, hiring and onboarding as per your business standards and boundaries. We build your team, we manage your operations and you scale up to a limitless growth.


Regardless of pandemic, the world witnessed unparallel growth in technology space. There is a steep rise in offshoring model not only to save money but to access the pool of talent which locally might not be available or might be very expensive. A state-of-art office space in Gurgaon, millennium city of India, sprawling skyscrapers, urbanized life style and impressive businesses provides a scalable platform for growth.

We at Ivalueplus in Gurgaon, are trusted partners with result-driven strategies and data-driven reports for companies across globe and have success stories to boast around. We will help you set up your own ODC in Gurgaon. We will handle your business operations such as admin, HR and payroll and accounting as you work with your offshore team to grow. We source a dedicated team, hire them and get them onboard for you, across India in various domains and technologies. While you concentrate on the development issues, we will take care of all the operational and administrative issues. ODC will help you to scale to different heights of innovation and growth to achieve your business goals.

Offshore Development Centre FAQs

An offshore development centre (ODC) is a dedicated facility located in a foreign country where businesses can outsource software development services.

Benefits of setting up an offshore development centre include cost savings, access to a large pool of talented developers, and the ability to scale resources up or down quickly.

A wide range of services can be outsourced to an offshore development centre, including software development, web development, mobile app development, quality assurance, and technical support.

To select the right offshore development centre, businesses should consider factors such as the location, the reputation of the service provider, the availability of skilled resources, and the cost.

Best practices for managing an offshore development centre include setting clear expectations, establishing effective communication channels, providing regular feedback, and conducting regular performance reviews.

Risks associated with offshore development centre outsourcing include cultural differences, communication challenges, and intellectual property issues. These risks can be mitigated by carefully selecting the service provider, establishing clear contracts, and providing regular training.

Communication channels used to collaborate with an offshore development centre include video conferencing, instant messaging, email, and project management tools.

When working with an offshore development centre, its important to consider cultural differences such as language barriers, work ethics, and communication styles. Cultural considerations can be addressed through cultural training, team building activities, and regular communication.

The cost of setting up an offshore development centre varies depending on the location, the size of the facility, and the number of resources required. However, cost savings can be significant compared to hiring local resources.

Quality of work delivered by an offshore development centre can be ensured by establishing clear quality standards, providing regular training, conducting regular performance reviews, and performing regular code reviews.

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