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Pandemic has swamped us into a new Normal, a world where a pandora box full of new opportunities and challenges have opened up. The new necessity has accelerated uncomprehending innovation powered by technology. The underlying force thrusting the business is IT in its new avatar. Solving the new business complexities in this tech-invaded world need human expertise in IT.

Solve Business Complexities To Thrive

Business landscape fundamentally needs an approach to rebuild and manage technology. Pandemic permanently altered the way we work and has made business more complex. It has forced us to rethink and reimagine solutions better suited to ever-changing reality of technology. To support digital future and attain global reach, IT support system needs to get robust. We, at Ivalueplus, understand the complexities of running a competent business with right solutions so our experts help you to design, implement and support your IT infrastructure. To amplify business outcomes, we bring powerful technology support and solutions faster for less. You can improve your bottom line by outsourcing IT support to us. Focus on your business growth while we manage your IT services with a team of IT experts. We address the daunting challenge of running your network to creating restore-to-service plans to managing software updates and data sanctity. With us, you get IT consulting, IT compliance and system monitoring, all in one.

How We Do It?

Technology is the transformative force behind the business change. Synergizing technology with support is a prompt response to the modern competitive market.

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IT Support Desk

We have a robust ticketing system for all support activities.

Patch Management

Patch Management and Security Software

We identify and deploy software updates to a variety of endpoints, including computers, mobile devices, and servers.

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Remote Monitoring

We proactively monitor all endpoints, networks, and computers.

get real time monitoring with iValuePlus

Real-Time Monitoring For Different Applications, Network Devices, Servers Or Websites.

We have a state-of-art real-time monitoring system.

Schedule Management

Schedule Network Maintenance

We stay current on critical security and stability patches with regular scheduled system/network maintenance.

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Why Us

While breaking down silos to shift mindsets and attitudes, our inherent approach is to load off the IT management and support from you, at a reasonable IT support cost, delivering practical and scalable IT services. We are a leading managed IT support services provider catering to small to midsize company whilst improving their efficiency and propelling business continuity. We offer a competent array of managed IT support and services including data security, data backup and recovery, cloud computing, general IT consulting and IT helpdesk. We craft IT solutions based on our initial audit and discussions tailored specifically for your use case. We bring a consultative and collaborative approach along with technology capabilities and industry knowledge to eliminate toil for you and accelerate your business growth.
Your business, our support.

IT Support Services For Business FAQs

An IT Support team typically includes helpdesk technicians, network administrators, and system engineers who are responsible for providing technical assistance, managing IT infrastructure, and ensuring the smooth functioning of IT systems.

Yes, IT Support can be outsourced to third-party service providers who specialize in providing IT Support services.

Tools and technologies used for IT Support include helpdesk software, remote access tools, diagnostic software, and monitoring tools.

Tools and technologies used Challenges associated with IT Support include managing service requests, resolving complex issues, maintaining communication, and ensuring security and compliance.for IT Support include helpdesk software, remote access tools, diagnostic software, and monitoring tools.

Benefits of IT Support include increased productivity, reduced downtime, improved security, and better resource management.

IT Support Services refer to a range of technical assistance provided to end-users to help them resolve any IT-related issues they may be facing, including software and hardware issues.

There are different types of IT support services, including on-site support, remote support, phone support, and email support.

The process of IT Support typically involves receiving support requests, identifying and diagnosing issues, providing solutions or workarounds, and closing support tickets.

Pricing for IT Support is typically determined based on factors such as the type of support required, the severity of the issue, and the service level agreement.

A: Best practices for successful IT Staff Augmentation include clearly defining project requirements, establishing effective communication channels, providing proper onboarding and training, and setting expectations for performance and accountability.

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