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Tsunami Of Digital Disruption Has Nudged The Way Office Works

The modern office environment is as dynamic as the digital out-surge in the world. Finding innovative ways for an office to thrive and not restrict to a classical 9 to 5 antiquity, is very exciting. A smart office needs technology to empower scalability, security and global reach creating an efficient workspace which is people centric. The nuances of mobility, shared spaces, judicious usage of workspace, IOT solutions has redefined the office administration services.

Surf The Digitization Wave To See How A Millennial Office Works

Though economic recovery is improving around the World, the way organizations are operating is changing on a daily basis. Evolving business models, shift in client’s need, addressing the new expectation of the workforce is a challenge for every business function in an organization. Office administration is one of the business functions which cannot be ignored. For a business to thrive, business readiness has become very critical. Office administration is an underdog for business. It is the key to run the office and if not adapted well can lead to decline in efficiency and productivity of the business. We at Ivalueplus, drive greater business value and high administration performance. Our ability to harness the unexpected and to adapt to the changing environment makes us the right pick. Not only we are capable to adapt to the new New but traditional activities like Vendor management, IT support and compliances is also our core ability. Accelerated turnround time without hitting on the quality and blending the intelligent human insight with data digitization for smooth operations is Our thrust to Your organization.

How We Do It?

Blending the resource and expertise together, we provide you with customized framework of solutions for running your office in India. We have dedicated team of office administrator, receptionist & personal assistants to perform smooth office functioning. Last but not the least, there is a comprehensive vendor management process in place.

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We map the path from where the organization is to where it wants to be, by establishing goals and arranging them in a logical order. We believe the planning process to be precise, simple, flexible and continuous.

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We follow the principle of hierarchy, span of control, centralization vs decentralization, unity of command & delegation to achieve coordinated effort among all the elements in your India office.

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Budgeting and Reporting

We help in overall accounting and controlling financial resources. Predefined templates are used for scheduled reports on various parameters based upon the requirements.

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Directing and Coordinating

Our team has exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to motivate people for proper allocation of resources and an effective support system. We have a focused approach to office upkeep maintaining an enjoyable working environment. We ensure hassle-free event coordination, meeting setups and travel arrangements for your workforce in India.

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We ensure high-quality performance and desired results while maintaining an orderly and problem-free environment for smooth business operations by adhering to company policies & procedures. This also includes information management, performance measurement & taking corrective actions.

Why Us

Scaling business is complicated. It comes with its own challenges. The backbone for running the show is the humble business function, office administration. By working with Ivalueplus, solve the problems of managing office space, running operations, handling people and providing organizational culture to the workforce. We do it all while you focus on long term business success. We help in evolving business processes yet maintaining the sanctity of standard of processes (SOPs). Our ethical conduct, effective communication, globalization makes us what we are. We want you to engage with us and challenge us to understand why Ivalueplus is different.

Your control, our support.

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