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Right Hiring Enables Business Continuity

Influx of tech-innovation has smashed the geographical barriers for hiring talent. Business continuity has become relative to acquiring the right hire. It is a vital force for business to thrive and have a competitive edge.

Unravel Hiring Solutions For Business Continuity

In the modern world of uncertainties and unpredictability, business across globe is facing challenges to evolve in the way they hire. The global leaders and seasoned business heads are ready to confront the new Normal where business continuity is of a paramount priority. To find the right talent at the right time irrespective of the new Normal is imperative for business to continue. The need to transition into a blend of traditional and virtual hiring ensuring the safety of the candidates and the employer, is the way to go forward. The GenNow aspirants expect a quick and convenient hiring experience whereas the employer wants a flexible, tangible and insightful solution. We, at Ivalueplus, are the conduit that collaborate with right aspirants globally to strategically empower you. We have adapted well, to deal with these unchartered territories. In this phase of Great Resignation, we stand undauntingly to provide nimble hiring solutions to you. We believe in providing ideal outcome in line with your culture, values and business objectives. Our deep domain knowledge in HR has enabled us to leverage talent to provide hiring solutions to organization across domain across globe. Our hiring solution is an ideal blend of innate processes, agile technology, proficient country-specific compliances for small to mid-sized business.
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How We Do It?

Right hire at right time is of utmost importance for business continuity. Our hiring solutions will help you to efficiently hire, reallocate and manage your people to outperform in the business. Sit tight, focus on your work and we deliver the most affordable and swift hiring solution to you across diverse domains and industries.

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Requirement Requisition

We will gather information on the job description from you to help define the role, determine desired criteria in an applicant and the salary offered. The ivalueplus team will consult and highlight the key points in order to draft an optimum JD.

iValuePlus help you to hire the best resources of your company from profile sourcing

Profile Sourcing

We prepare a write-up or an ad to be uploaded to several job boards including LinkedIn and our website for maximum visibility. The applicants are then reviewed and summarized by our HR team. We have access to talent search databases such as Naukri, Indeed and Monster to perform a thorough database search and shoulder tap candidates who fit in the JD to check if they are interested in the role.

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HR Initial Screening

We assess the suitable applicants through telephonic interview for their communication skills, current and expected salary, the reason for their interest in the role and their availability. HR team at Ivalueplus schedules video, telephonic and in-person interviews based on situations to eliminate any bottlenecks in the hiring process.

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Shortlisting and Interviewing

We work on delivering a daily datasheet to you with prioritized list of suitable candidates based on JD with detailed summary of HR screening along with their resumes. We contact the qualified candidates for technical interviews and final HR round.

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Background Verification/Reference Checks

We help you hire with more confidence by verifying candidate past performance & reputation to avoid potential threat or fraud to your business and employees.

Why Us

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we understand business so we work arduously to find the right hire in less time. Our hiring solutions are crafted to provide cost-effective and efficient call-to-action situations.  We perform myriads of employee-centric scans to ensure a legit hire, saving the employer from troubles of mis-fits. The team is equipped to go beyond resume to perform a thorough background check. We are the answer to your what, when and where you need the talent. We work closely with you to develop comprehensive, scalable and custom solutions that optimize your hiring needs and give you a competitive advantage in the market.

You acquire talent, we hire talent.

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