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Empowering Global Delivery

Every business irrespective of its size is dealing with global invasion of technology. Speed and statistics have swamped the business and the way projects are executed or delivered. The complexity of projects requires innate collaboration and coordination. Working with a global workforce and sophisticated upbeat tech-processes needs a high-order capability.

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Demand of sustainable strategies to drive the business success needs a strong cohort. With cohesive approach to reshape how delivery works in a secure environment, the focus should be business productivity. We, at Ivalueplus believe in improving communication and coordination across teams while giving a real time visibility of your projects. We lay emphasis on strong project management skills with a well-defined scope. We thrive to give you potion of success: more control, reduced cost and better results. The results of the delivery team decide the fate of the project so our preparedness to handle the upfront work of being in sync with sales team and support team is seamless.

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How We Do It?

Delivery management is a business challenge. And we take it head-on. We ensure end to end delivery of various development projects for diverse line of business. Our domain knowledge includes Healthcare, Inventory, Supply chain, Logistics, Telecom, Finance, Automobile and Property Insurance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Automotive & Travel.

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We analyse the client business needs and requirements. We translate new ideas into clients’ solutions including opportunity identification, requirements development, delivery, production support & analysis and documentation

iValuePlus provides best planning to grow your business


We drive management methodologies and disciplines spanning estimation, contracting, project planning, risk management, progress tracking & analysis, reporting. We are skilled in mapping client requirements, scope management, activity sequencing, resource allocation, risk management, effort & cost estimation and negotiations aligned to pre-set guidelines

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We implement Project management methodologies of Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and delivery technicalities of Onsite, Offsite and Offshore model in translating complex business opportunities into creative, effective and efficient IT solutions

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We motivate multi-cultural and concurrent project teams to deliver high quality projects

Why Us

Our unique process-driven approach provides powerful capabilities to empower our clients with delivery management solutions.

Our focus is to deliver outstanding value par excellence for a highly integrated and collaborative business approach. We leverage the global expertise across domain across time zones with optimum resource allocation, aiming at low cost and tight margins. We create a synergy between business, operations and IT to deliver real value to the client.

Your office, your control, our focus.

Delivery Management Services FAQs

Business solutions services refer to services that help businesses optimize their operations and processes through the use of technology and software. They may include enterprise software solutions, business process optimization, and other tools to improve business performance and efficiency.

The advantages of using business solutions services include increased productivity, reduced costs, improved decision-making, and enhanced customer experience. Enterprise software solutions can help businesses streamline their operations, while business process optimization can identify areas for improvement. IT consulting services can provide expert guidance and support throughout the process.

Yes, you can get custom business solutions tailored to your specific needs. This may include custom software solutions designed to improve your operations and meet your business goals. IT development services can help create and implement these solutions to optimize your business processes and improve your overall performance.

Business solutions services may be provided by business solutions providers, IT outsourcing services, or managed IT services providers. These providers offer a range of solutions to help businesses optimize their operations and improve performance.

The cost of business solutions services varies depending on the specific solutions and services needed. Pricing models may include one-time fees, subscription-based models, or pay-per-use models. However, businesses can expect a return on investment through improved efficiency and cost savings. Its important to work with a provider to identify the best pricing model for your business needs and budget.

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