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Productivity and business goals are the top-most priority for any business to address but one thing which will not change is, money. Business leaders will continue to muddle heads on finding their space in ever-changing world of digitization and technology especially post pandemic but one thing which will continue to exist is Payouts/Payrolls.

Affordable Payroll Solutions

While the business acclimatizes to the new world, financial operations like payroll will continue to co-exist creating an overwhelming workload. Workforce still needs to be paid correctly and on time to ensure business performance. The logistic issues in payroll continue across the continuum of business, from managing large volume of data accurately in time to aligning with new regulations. With business expansion, processes become more complex, priority shifts to business-critical deadlines making payroll a daunting task to address. We, at Ivalueplus, provide tailor-made affordable payroll services for business across different sectors and domains. From precise calculation of pay with necessary deductions to approved payments to generating electronic or sealed pay slips, equipped with comprehensive management reports as per payroll regulations. We not only provide traditional payroll services via a spreadsheet but cloud-based solutions which is an upcoming industry standard, allowing you to maintain control on your data, providing real-time access and ensuring accuracy and compliance. We eliminate time theft with robust time management and attendance tools thrusting business forward. We eliminate the administrative burden on you by delivering affordable, effective, and reliable Payroll and Time management solutions to drive your business now and for the future. We can integrate these services with HR services to provide complete view on your workforce thus mitigating the risk of human errors.

How We Do It?

Payroll comes with logistic issues. Our bespoke payroll solutions are tailored to suit the needs of businesses of all size ensuring seamless payroll for you while you focus on your business goals. Complying to labor laws, norms and regulations and working closely with our HR experts, we execute on-time and correct payroll for a business.

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We define payroll policies and seek management approvals to ensure standard payroll processing based on various company's policies such as pay policy, leave and benefits policy, attendance policy. We gather inputs such as mid-year salary revision data, attendance data and interactions with various departments. We check for validity of the data in terms of adherence to company policy, authorization matrix, right formats, track of active and non-active employee for salary payment to correctness of accounting entries.

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Payroll Execution

We feed the validated input into the payroll system for actual payroll processing. We reconcile the net pay calculated after adjusting necessary taxes and other deductions, for accuracy.

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Post Payroll

We feed the salary and reimbursement data accurately into accounting/ERP system.
For the final payouts, we check for the sufficient funds in the account to make the salary payment. We share payout reports on a regular defined frequency. We run payroll as per the applicable employment norms set by the central and state legislation.

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Tax Filing And Deductions

We ask employees to make an income tax declaration about their additional incomes, tax saving investments. We calculate employee’s tax liability and deduct TDS accordingly.

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We make your finance seamless and future-ready. We provide you with a comprehensive payroll outsourcing service covering all aspects of payroll process. We have powerful payroll processing capabilities with extensive HR functions to create a central system for your workforce data. Irrespective what geography you operate in, we will be your single point of contact to manage your account and answer any questions you might have. We got your back, trust us for your workforce and their pays as we ensure worry free compliance for you.

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