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Unprecedented tech growth and the pandemic has unraveled new questions to upstream the business performance, redefining the way world connects. IT infrastructure is synonymous to being business ready. Business performs seamlessly when it harmonizes with today’s digital and cloud-based world.

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The insurmountable problem to keep pace with tech-innovation is as challenging as unravelling the answers in the new Normal. Thinking contemporary technology, agile processes and performative experience to stay ahead in the technology race and beat the complexity of this new world is very crucial for business performance. Even the workforce productivity is not dependent on the small cubicle in a workspace, the world is safely and swiftly moving to future workforce being productive from anywhere.

We, at Ivalueplus, exploit the cloud continuum to transform, integrate and manage your infrastructure workloads. We ensure the Hardware Procurement, Installation & Management in accordance with the defined SOPs. We ensure every asset performs the service efficiently so that the business performance is not impacted. We handle the entire gamut of IT operational elements from servers to networks to software over and above the cloud-based services. We optimize your day-to-day operations with scalable IT services that address your unique corporate goals and maximize your ROI.

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How We Do It?

Experience unprecedented performance with IT infrastructure solution designed by our dedicated IT team of experts. From setting up a new business, upgrading your hardware to contemplating cloud, we provide you with state-of-art solution increasing the business performance. We help in building an adaptable, ascendable & reliable IT infrastructure which is required to operate & maintain any business ecosystem.

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Hardware Procurement & Installation

We procure IT infrastructure elements in compliance with your organization’s requirements We provide support for application/ tools installation on the hardware procured. We procure, supply and install the required S/W and OS licenses. We support portal credentials given from Original Software OEM for raising tickets.

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End-to-End Maintenance

We provide robust restore to service, encompassing diagnostics and troubleshooting the system, component and any equipment. We maintain the configuration changes, tracking, and documentation. We co-ordinate warranty repair or replacement service for the hardware and process warranty claims, as applicable. We ensure regular backup to protect and restore data as required. We prompt receipt, analysis and reporting of reported deficiencies in the operation of the software and supply of information and advice on such deficiencies.

Preventive Maintanance

Preventive Maintenance

We periodically clean interior and exterior, of all hardware and test for virus. We maintain an inventory database to include the registered hardware warranties and software licenses existing as of the start date, and the warranties and licenses for hardware and software.

Facility Management

Facility Management

We manage the physical space or facility for networking hardware, network cabling, servers and data centers.

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Why Us

There has been a paradigm shift from a capital-intensive, hardware-oriented IT infrastructure solutions to modern, cloud-based and smart IT infrastructure solutions, to nurture the new world. Our focus is to pace your business in this new changing digital world by offering complete IT infrastructure stack. We accelerate your business performance by providing a future ready IT infrastructure aligned to your business objectives. We empower you by trusted data center solutions. We make storage architecture easy for you, increasing the uptime and data recovery. Our expert IT team provide fully customized hosting services and webmail services for you to embrace virtualization with ease.

Your infrastructure, our implementation.

IT Infrastructure Services FAQs

 The role of IT infrastructure services is to provide and maintain the necessary technology and resources for an organization’s information systems.

 IT infrastructure services encompass a range of technological components and support systems that enable businesses to operate and manage their digital resources effectively.

 IT infrastructure services are important for businesses because they facilitate smooth operations, enhance communication, support data storage and security, and enable scalability and adaptability in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

 Different types of IT infrastructure services include network infrastructure (e.g., routers, switches), server infrastructure (e.g., physical and virtual servers), storage infrastructure (e.g., data centers, cloud storage), security infrastructure (e.g., firewalls, encryption), and support services (e.g., help desk, maintenance).

 IT infrastructure services can improve business efficiency by streamlining processes, enabling faster and more reliable access to information, automating tasks, ensuring data security and backup, facilitating collaboration, and providing scalable resources to meet changing demands.

Cloud computing plays a crucial role in IT infrastructure services by providing scalable and on-demand resources, allowing businesses to store and process data, run applications, and deliver services more efficiently and cost-effectively.

IT infrastructure services ensure data security and privacy through various measures such as encryption, access controls, regular security audits, and compliance with industry regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

 Key benefits of outsourcing IT infrastructure services include cost savings, access to specialized expertise, improved scalability and flexibility, enhanced security measures, and the ability to focus on core business objectives.

 IT infrastructure services support business continuity and disaster recovery by implementing redundant systems, data backups, disaster recovery plans, and failover mechanisms to minimize downtime and ensure the availability of critical applications and data in case of disruptions.

Considerations for scaling IT infrastructure services include assessing current and future needs, selecting appropriate technologies, ensuring scalability and performance, optimizing resource allocation, implementing load balancing and automation, and monitoring systems for efficient management and growth.

IT infrastructure services can reduce costs for businesses by providing scalable resources, eliminating the need for upfront hardware investments, and enabling efficient resource allocation.

On-premises IT infrastructure services are hosted locally within a company’s premises, requiring physical maintenance and upfront investments, while cloud-based services are hosted remotely, offering scalability, cost-efficiency, and outsourced maintenance.

 IT infrastructure services optimize network performance by utilizing advanced networking technologies, monitoring tools, and efficient resource allocation, ensuring reliable connectivity and minimizing downtime.

 Best practices for managing IT infrastructure services include proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, implementing robust security measures, maintaining documentation, and staying updated with industry trends and technologies.

 IT infrastructure services handle software and hardware upgrades by providing automated processes, version control, and patch management to ensure smooth transitions and minimize disruptions to business operations.

How can IT infrastructure services support remote work and mobility?

IT infrastructure services support remote work and mobility by providing secure remote access, virtual desktops, collaboration tools, and scalable resources to enable seamless connectivity and productivity from any location.

IT infrastructure services play a crucial role in digital transformation by providing the necessary technological foundations, such as cloud computing, data analytics, and agile infrastructure, to enable innovation, scalability, and digital agility.

Challenges associated with implementing IT infrastructure services include ensuring data security and privacy, managing complex hybrid environments, aligning IT with business objectives, and addressing compatibility issues during migration or integration processes.

 IT infrastructure services support compliance with regulatory requirements by implementing security measures, data encryption, access controls, audit trails, and ensuring adherence to industry-specific standards and regulations.

When selecting a provider for IT infrastructure services, businesses should consider factors such as reliability, scalability, security measures, support and maintenance, service-level agreements (SLAs), cost-effectiveness, and alignment with the organization’s specific requirements and future growth pl

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