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At crossroads of talent and technology, a people-centric approach hits the business in an affirmative way. The talent landscape is agile and informed, so it becomes imperative for the business and the business leaders to develop a transformative culture of continuous corporate learning & development in-turn to build their value proposition

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Technology may be an answer to cumbersome tasks and business challenges, but an expert human intervention is equally important for business growth. There is a fierce competition to acquire the best talent whilst huge pool of vacant positions across all industries. While resignation is trending so is the retention. Sane strategies to engage the existing talent will create a harmonious workspace reducing the overhead of recruitment cost. Be it refreshing the work policies, hybrid approach to work, aligning to career goals of your people and last but not the least their training and development to build on your value proposition, will help combat the challenge of recruitment.

Accelerate your business as we create bespoke learning journey for your people to increase their productivity and performance. We at iValuePlus, manifest a culture of up-to-date and modern thinking to maximize your ROI aligning to your business objectives and competency framework. Our strong cohort has the capability of identifying and facilitating the apt learning solutions to build a conduit between your business objectives and employees learning & development goals, strongly tied with rewards and recognition. Our dedicated HR Manager for your organization will assess your HR needs, strategically help you to attract and retain talent and consolidate employer-employee relation.

How We Do It?

Retaining the right hire is a right piece in the puzzle of business growth and continuity. Our holistic approach to training solutions helps in providing learning and development of your people to foster productivity.

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Identify The Training Needs

We identify the training needs for the employees and align them with the company's goals and objectives. We ensure the training needs also cater to your workforce wish list or career goals. The list of training is prepared by the HR- Training keeping in mind the corporate requirement.

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List The Training Objectives

We set the training key performance indicators (KPIs) for an effective training plan which could be a technology update or a personal effectiveness learning need.

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Design The Training Program/Select Mode of training

We design interactive, engaging training plans with right mix of learning approaches. The trainings are personalized per the need of your workforce and integrated with corporate initiatives for maximum effectiveness.

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Conduct Training Program

We select the mode of training and timelines keeping in mind the schedule of your workforce.

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Assess The Result And Performance

We measure the effectiveness of the training through evaluation and comprehensive feedback using robust metrics. The interim results in the learning plan are shared with managers to check the engagement and effectiveness of the same. Your workforce is evaluated on their score cards or certification and appropriately rewarded. We understand measuring training effectiveness has become an important tool to boost employee engagement and retention.

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Why Us

While resignation is in trend, we have realized that attracting and retaining talent is not enough, a strategic approach to enhance the organization culture and employee morale is a necessity. We help you navigate the HR challenges to improve your workforce performance and loyalty. We ensure that the employees receive appropriate & adequate training to diligently perform their jobs. We help in reducing the need of supervision, maintaining the SOPs and increases the confidence level of the employees. We help your people in learning/acquiring new skills and enhancing teamwork & interpersonal relationship. We strategize training & development programs to help you master the knowledge, skills and competencies required for your work force. We build a talented and diverse workforce by providing a need-based bootcamp to upskilling the workforce for high demand technology areas preparing a talent pipeline to forge your organization’s future. Our domain expertise in key vertical industries runs deep enabling us to leverage a wide array of training solution to efficiently meet your business needs. It is our assurance to you, to get right knowledge and skill at the right time to right people
You hire, we help in retention.

Training and Development Services FAQs

Training and development services include programs, activities, and initiatives designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and capabilities of individuals, such as onboarding, skills training, leadership development, and professional workshops.

The benefits of training and development services include improved performance, increased productivity, enhanced job satisfaction, skill development, adaptability to change, and a competitive edge for organizations.

HR plays a vital role in training and development by identifying organizational training needs, designing training programs, coordinating with trainers or providers, implementing training initiatives, evaluating effectiveness, and managing training budgets.

Staff training and development are important as they improve employee skills, enhance job performance, increase productivity, boost employee satisfaction, foster personal and professional growth, and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Training and development services are important as they enhance performance, productivity, and personal growth by improving employees’ skills, knowledge, and confidence. They enable individuals to excel in their roles, work more efficiently, and make informed decisions. Moreover, they provide opportunities for acquiring new skills, expanding knowledge, and staying updated with industry trends, fostering personal and professional growth.

Organizations can ensure training and development programs align with business objectives by conducting a thorough training needs analysis, involving key stakeholders in program design, aligning training content with specific job roles and skills required, and regularly evaluating the impact of training on business outcomes.

Training and development services are important for a business because they improve employee performance, productivity, and job satisfaction, leading to a more skilled and engaged workforce. It also enhances organizational efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness, contributing to the overall success and growth of the business.

In HR training and development, training refers to a process that focuses on the present job and is task-oriented. It is a short-term periodic process aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of operative employees. The training is confined to hands-on skills and knowledge, and it serves as a remedial effort to address current needs. Training is typically initiated by management, with employees participating in the process.

In HR training and development, “development” means focusing on employees’ future growth, enhancing their skills and abilities for managerial roles. It is a continuous process that aims to improve conceptual, interpersonal, technical, and decision-making skills. Development is initiated by employees and supported by management to help them reach their full potential and meet future challenges effectively.

The key steps in the training and development process involve identifying individual training needs, planning the training program, implementing the planned training, and tracking progress to ensure effective skill development.

The training process consists of the following steps such as needs assessment, setting objectives, designing, implementation, and evaluation. It begins with identifying training needs, followed by establishing clear goals. The training program is then designed, delivered to participants, and finally evaluated for effectiveness and impact.

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