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Sumit Gupta

Why us?

Let’s collaborate to unleash the business potential in Indian market

In this fast-paced digital world, transition of business to solve the unsolved and to meet the unmet needs and realize sustainable synergies is become imperative. Business is swamped with new requirements, newer ways of working, new drivers to make the business future-ready. If you are a big organization scaling up your operations, or a home-grown start up or a global business house starting your operations in India, you need a trusted partner to curate a business pathway in this geography. We guarantee you unparallel success with our expert team.

Ivalueplus is a dynamic team delivering business solutions from our Gurgaon office across domain across industries for any mid-sized to small company. With our result driven methodology, immense experience in multiple domains across varied projects-sizes, strong access to Indian and global talent pool, we can add significant value to your business. We are strategically placed in the most desirable geography of the world with an economy providing wealth of opportunities. Our array of services from hiring to offshoring model to delivery management to digital marketing to accounting under one stop shop makes us the best choice for success. Our experienced team of seasoned experts strive to deliver exceptional solutions for our customers. Our value proposition is structured around a lean model which helps to test the market before making any significant investment resulting in quick business results at reduced operational risks. We strive to generating positive business outcomes for our clients.

Our Approach

Humanize and harmonize to drive business.

The drivers of business have changed with the digital disruption in the world. It is imperative to redefine the work culture keeping in stride with the global business dynamics. People’s first, be it customer or our employees, is the mantra we believe in and it inevitably translates to great work place experience and motivated team.

We are equipped with an expert talent pool and the right skill set to deliver business solutions to our customers. We understand your business objectives and dynamics to propose a tailored approach around the desired business functions closely adhering to the allocated budget. We closely monitor the execution of the proposed solution under well-defined processes, leveraging deep industry and technological knowledge.

Our Values


Is a guiding principle in our service to our clients and engagement with our employees


Cultivate a transparent working culture and be upfront and visible about our actions


Provide par excellence services to our clients

What is our Why?

Providing our customers with the best-suited services & solutions to achieve their business goals.

What's Next?

Be the trusted managed service partner of businesses across the globe.

Our Culture

We strive to have our ABCD right for our employees as well as our customers.

Align to the business goals

Believe in people

Create harmony at workplace

Develop mutual trust and deliver results

We believe in openness and nobility, fairness and equality, common sense and naturalism. We motivate our team to be their genuine, best selves, and we are really proud of the high-spirited workplace culture we have. We have inculcated OPEN communication in our team creating harmony at workplace.

The employees get direct access to leadership & management team for guidance, sharing their new, innovative ideas or suggestions, & raising concerns if any. The management is always enthusiastic to listen, understand & accordingly accept, apply these ideas. This gears the We give accolades & benefits for the accomplishments & efforts of our employees through various modes like performance linked compensation, bonuses, incentives & recognition programs in the organization. This makes the workplace an ideal working environment.

This gives them the openness & the confidence to contact anyone for help or discussion.

Believe, work and deliver as a team

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