April 19, 2021

Cyber Security

Cyber resilience refers to an entity’s ability to continuously deliver the intended outcome, despite adverse cyber events. Cyber resilience is an evolving perspective that is rapidly […]
April 15, 2021


Our digital age is all about bits, those precise ones and zeros that are the stuff of modern computer code. But a powerful new type of […]
April 5, 2021

Do’s & Don’ts for Marketing During the Pandemic Crisis!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely taken hold of the news cycle and our attention. Regardless of your thoughts on the severity of the situation, it’s hard […]
March 31, 2021

Strategic Approach to Product Roadmap Management

What is a Strategic Product Roadmap? A strategic product roadmap is more than just a backlog of major product features mapped on a Gantt Chart. It […]
March 22, 2021

Digital transformation is necessary to survive in the modern world!!

Fast forward to 2020 and the digital economy is flourishing. How customers, suppliers, products and services are sought, influenced and constructed, has changed. Anything that can […]
March 17, 2021

How Right Coding Can Help Your Site with SEO!

[kc_row use_container=”yes” force=”no” column_align=”middle” video_mute=”no” _id=”62135″][kc_column width=”12/12″ video_mute=”no” _id=”911205″][kc_column_text _id=”959662″] When you build a website and create content it is important to keep in mind why […]
March 8, 2021

Technology Trend 2021

From the mass adoption of telehealth to the remote workforce, technology has moved front and center as every industry grapple with the effects and fallout of […]
March 3, 2021

Office work will never be the same

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced changes on everyone, and nowhere has that impact been greater than in the world of work. The enforced lockdown around the […]
March 1, 2021

Staffing Challenges for Ambitious Software Product Companies

The economy has not been too friendly to all of us, we face the fact that good people are hard to come by, and lack of […]

Sumeet Gupta


Sumeet is endowed with 23 years of global experience reflecting strong leadership qualities coupled with enormous experience & exposure in IT projects’ planning, execution, management, delivery and production support (onsite, offsite and offshore); across e-Business, Client/Server, Custom Application Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Content Management, Internet based applications, Business Intelligence, Integration packages and Databases. Eminent leadership expertise with exemplary record in driving management methodologies and disciplines spanning estimation, contracting, project planning, risk management, progress tracking & analysis, report and other related factors Well versed in project management methodologies of Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and delivery technicalities of Onsite, Offsite and Offshore model with expertise in translating complex business opportunities into creative, effective and efficient IT solutions, analyzing the client business needs and requirements: translating new ideas into clients’ solutions including opportunity identification, requirements development, delivery, production support & analysis and documentation.

Jayanti Gupta


Jayanti, a proactive founder brings more than 21 years of rich industry experience with an insight to provide innovative solutions. A leader and a team player who aims to help an organization achieve its objective through new and innovative ideas. Her spectrum of work varies from IT Education Delivery, Instructional Design and Delivery, content management and development. She understands the need for building collaborative and trusted relationships with the clients. Jayanti exudes remarkable calm, confidence to withstand the challenges in setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics, and culture.

Nidhi Aggarwal

Talent Aquisition Head

Nidhi has 15 yrs. of experience in Business Research, Talent Acquisition, Client Relationship management, Database Search Tools and Leadership Hiring. She has worked with internal teams and hiring managers in UK, Continental Europe and US geography to assist with recruitment efforts. She has also worked on custom projects in different sectors and industries, involving – company profiling, business overview, business segments, key financial, executive team, board member composition, competitors and other key developments.

She has been instrumental in preparing presentations on the key developments in the business world like Digital Transformation, UK Talent Trends, Digital Age Disruption. She has been involved in working on newsletters pertaining to candidate moves, company mergers & acquisitions and layoffs in US, UK, CE, APAC.

Priyali Hooda

Engagement Manager

Priyali has around 8 yrs. of product and digital media experience, along with background in Product Marketing.

She has helped publishers in transforming their digital media business and reinvent their digital monetization model with data driven decision making and an effective web and mobile optimization strategy to increase revenue, website traffic, user engagement, and gain competitive advantage.

Through her specialties like Product marketing, lead generation, digital media consulting, web optimization, user engagement, content monetization, product optimization, customer success she has delivered products that are user friendly and provided a unique and consistent value to the customers.

She has worked closely with cross-functional teams, including Product Management, Sales, Marketing, Research, Web development and Design along with customers, to ensure the successful roll-out of new products and new versions of existing products.

Nitin Gupta

Business Development Head

Nitin Gupta, Business Development Manager at IvaluePlus has more than 21 years of experience in all aspects of business development, previously working in the F&B domain and has now transitioned his focus to IT/ITES domain.

His key areas encompass increasing the top line of the company by identifying and developing new business areas & opportunities. He is instrumental in leading cross-functional teams, manage existing partnerships, and evaluate company business goals

Lisha Achhipilya

Account Manager

A proactive, advising, strategic and result-oriented account manager who maintains a strong link between the team & the clientele – stakeholders. She understands client’s requirement & plans out ways to achieve the required business objective. She is a people’s person and keeps thy team going in sync & flow. She dives deep to understand the business severity & aims at deliverables. She has experience in intercultural sensitivity, workforce planning & employment, language skills, Lisha has been instrumental in building company’s human capital capability through keystone involvement and systemic value addition.

Spending almost a decade into Arts & Entertainment industry and now stepping into Human Resources, right from Hiring to Training to Generalist HR, it has been quite a journey for her but it’s all about getting everything together. The motto is to learn, evolve & grow.

Sujeet Kumar

Finance Lead

Sujeet is an Ambitious and self-motivated with 7+ years of professional experience In Finance. He has done his B.COM & M.COM from Kumaun university Nainital.
He has been instrumental in Financial accounting /Direct and Indirect taxes/ Payroll and Compliance Management specializing in the IT/ITES sector. He posses excellent research and financial analysis capabilities.

Ashish Patwal

IT Lead

Highly capable, versatile and accomplished IT professional who is confident to make the right decisions as per the situation.
His experience encompasses good knowledge of Cisco, Aruba, D-Link, Sophos, TP-Link devices, Setting up of IT infrastructure from scratch to a secure fort, extensive IT management experience, planning and implementing computer systems and networks.

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